Finger Sandwiches (PB&J ~ Gluten-sensitive)

Gluten-sensitive option. It just wouldn't be a Tea Party without finger sandwiches! Littles always love dainty PB&Js!

Signup instructions: 2 dozen (24 total) assorted gluten-sensitive peanut butter and jelly finger sandwiches requested each signup. Sign up for as many as you are able!

Delivery instructions: please arrive no later than the start time listed on the day of your shift. Prior to delivering your items please print and complete a FOOD INTAKE FORM. You may leave once your food and form has been delivered to our Food Intake Liaison. Thank you!

3100 Logic Drive
LongmontCO  80503

Xilinx Summit Retreat Center

Please enter via the west entrance (opposite the deck) and check-in your treats donation with our Food Intake Liaison to ensure your gift is appropriately recorded. Thank you!

This Job has no upcoming Shifts.  First Shift:

Thank you for signing up to volunteer.