Backstage Monitor & Costumes

Help our Youth Company look their best (and keep them in line 😇)! This position requires a volunteer who can maintain calm in a busy environment, and is able to handle confrontation. We recommend this volunteer be over 25 years old. Responsibilities include:

  • arriving one (1) hour prior to rehearsal and performance times
  • signing in Youth Company members upon arrival
  • communicating to guardians/parents who are dropping off performers
    • the estimated time of pick-up
    • that only staff, volunteers and performers may enter the backstage area, and
    • that performers must be performance ready (leotards/tights/hair in a bun) when they arrive at the venue
  • understanding the cast and wardrobe needs of every role
  • repairing costumes in an emergency
  • changing/altering costumes to fit alternate casts and understudies
  • dressing quick-change performers
  • high intermediate to advanced sewing knowledge required
  • signing out Youth Company members upon dismissal

3100 Logic Drive
LongmontCO  80503

Xilinx Summit Retreat Center

Please park in the north lot away from the entrance to allow our Tea Partiers accessible parking. Enter via the west entrance (opposite the deck) and check-in with a Volunteer Greeter to ensure we're impactfully recording your valuable volunteer hours. Thank you!

This Job has no upcoming Shifts.  First Shift:

Thank you for signing up to volunteer.