On-Stage Runners (Niwot HS)

Ensure our youth performers make their stage calls! You will be working with performers, volunteers, production staff, and parents. On-stage Runners work in a fast-paced and exciting environment. Please ensure that you do not have any children or dependents for which you are responsible during your shift, as your attention will need to be on our patrons. Responsibilities include:

  • arriving 45 minutes prior to the performance
  • checking in with the Welcoming Committee
  • staying until the performance concludes

This volunteer position often requires navigating stairs quickly. At the direction of the backstage manager, you will be regularly navigating between upstairs and downstairs dressing rooms to announce show call times for various performer groups throughout the performance. Upon announcing a call in a dressing room, you'll wait at the door to be thanked by performers. (Example ~ Runner: "This is your 5-minute call performers" Performer response: "Thank you 5.")

8989 Niwot Road
NiwotCO  80503

Niwot High School Auditorium

Please enter via the school front doors (south entrance, off the front parking lot), not via the auditorium doors, and check-in with the Welcoming Committee before reporting to your Backstage Liaison. This will help us better report your and our impact by ensuring we're accurately tracking your valuable volunteer hours. Thank you!

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