Boutique Sales

Be a CSB Ambassador! Engage with our fabulous patrons and help them find the perfect gift, performance memorabilia, or delectable treat! You will be handling money, inventory, and people. Boutique sales are a fast-paced and exciting volunteer opportunity. Please ensure that you do not have any children or dependents for which you are responsible during your shift, as your attention will need to be on our patrons. The responsibilities for this volunteer position include:

  • selling boutique items
  • wrapping and organizing boutique items
  • operating CSB's Square Stand Point of Sale system (training provided)
  • receiving payment and providing change for cash sales
  • returning oversight of the boutique table to the Boutique Manager, or another appropriate CSB supervisor, 45min-1hr after the show’s conclusion

Please note ~ Volunteers for the first performance of a weekend will additionally be responsible for:

  • setting up the boutique tables (gifts, flowers, and concessions)

Please note ~ Volunteers for the last performance of a weekend will additionally be responsible for:

  • packing up all unsold merchandise

Boutique volunteers should NEVER leave the boutique table unattended. If your child is in the cast, we certainly understand your desire to see them perform. Please coordinate with your fellow Boutique Team members to ensure you are all able to enjoy your child's performance while ensuring the boutique table is always under a watchful eye. Please be courteous, adhering to ballet etiquette, and only enter the auditorium (ONLY during the applause between movements) for your child’s section so that you may watch their performance.

The Boutique Team includes all volunteers who work with gifts, flower sales, concessions sales, the DVD/media table, and item inventory. Business-casual dress is preferred for Boutique Sales volunteer positions. Training will be provided.

Volunteers may sign up for one (or more!) shifts.

8989 Niwot Road
NiwotCO  80503

Niwot High School Auditorium

Please enter via the school front doors (south entrance, off the front parking lot) and check-in with the Welcoming Committee before reporting to your Boutique Manager. This will help us better report your and our impact by ensuring we're accurately tracking your valuable volunteer hours. Thank you!

This Job has no upcoming Shifts.  First Shift:

Thank you for signing up to volunteer.